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Love is…

all around us.

a simple smile.

giving the last bite of a chocolate truffle to someone else.


Raw “love” Truffles

Recipe by:

Only a few ingredients to pure decadence. I mixed all the ingredients in a blender.Next I melted 1/4c to 1/2c.. chocolate morsels or part of a chocolate bar on the stovetop or microwave check every so often so the chocolate doesn’t burn. I rolled  the truffle into the size of a golf ball but could be delicious if they were bite sized too.

all prepped and ready to be rolled.

I took the melted chocolate and drizzled it on top or you could roll it in the pot or bowl. I crushed up macademia nuts and had unsweetened coconut to roll the balls in too.

rolling them in coconut.

My favorite version was just with the melted chocolate but you can get creative with your toppings. Next time I’m going to put amaretto in it like my mom used to do.

served on a special cake plate

Enjoy these with someone you love. Remember that everyday is a good day to show someone you care whether it be your boyfriend, grandma or even your pet fish!


About thelittleladybakes

I am little and a lady (on occasion) who happens to bake.

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  1. Katie,
    You have always known what love is and how to share everything good.You make your family proud!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!! We love you. Always have and always will.


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